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Indian spice markets with their beautiful rich colors, have one of the most intriguing & beautiful ambiances!


World Champion Green Chili 2006

Colorful hanging peppers @ the Farmers Market. -- In the Paradise I won't be allergic to peppers and many other foods. (Jfp notes these are very colorful for the farmers market)

Sắc đẹp muôn màu của quê hương Việt Nam ta

Floating fruit seller taken in Halong Bay, Vietnam. - Farms and food markets around the world.

Egyptian Spice Market

I would like to see and smell this. spice market in Cairo, Egypt. Markets make wonderful photo essays, there's just so much to see. Loads of color, lots of action!

Gorgeous photo from Slice of Life (FB)

Jean Talon Market, the most colourful and beautiful farmer's market in Montréal, Canada. This market was fun to visit.

Tisanes on the way.

Herbal teas, which tea experts term Tisanes (a French word for "herbal infusion"), are usually dried flowers, fruits or herbs which are then steeped in boiling water

Medicinal Uses for Moroccan Spices

Medicinal Uses for Moroccan Spices

When people go to Morocco and see the colorful spices, they often think about flavor and food. But what about the medicinal uses of spices.