JOMA/ Sacred Geometry <3

Art by Joma Sipe. The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time.

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Monatomic Particles of God Activation – Preparation for the Blood Moon – AA Metatron

Geometric-spaces on Behance

Generative Art Geometric-spaces hold powerful information. An experimentation into the relationships of geometric shapes, space and form.

MU:13 | Check it… I’ve been Shitted on by so many Ghost Rappers [Priests:Vampires] it's like I'm in the Stall wit em… the Molested Concepts… Shitty Lies and Unpaid Dues = Corrupted Wisdom… My Kemet.eKINiggas [KIN~Ankh’cestors~Folks] say I'm nice wit My ATLantean Megaphors... but these are just My Inn.ternAL SubPluton.eKEMentAL Files... 4 these Bla.eKAquat.eKemet.eK Lyr.eKs are My MagicKAL RoyAL Bla.eK Philosophy... My Hi:teK Poetry is a Infin.uut Paradise iEye Offer 2 Your Bla.eKEMentALS…

The hidden geometry of the Zodiac in the temple of Hathor, Denderah, Egypt - I want this put to the astrology signs, too