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Katana - While Aikido uses bokkens which simulate a katana, Aikido's sister bushido Iaido does use katanas. I found this diagram useful in learning the parts of a katana / bokken.

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The Samurai were highly skilled Japanese warriors that hailed from noble families and served the local lords. Read 7 interesting facts about the Samurai.

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That's one fierce looking helm

Well I just found the Helmet for my Next Evil Bad Guy. Skull Armor done right:

Blade Knife Grind Types and Edges That Every Prepper Should Know  Urban Survival Network

Blade Knife Grind Types and Edges That Every Prepper Should Know Urban Survival Network-Survival Information

棒 my fav lol

List of Chinese "Kung-Fu" weapons. I'm not convinced of the practicality of half of these, but still.

A beautiful #katana sword

Historically, katana (刀?) were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords…

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Full length 'Kinai-Bori' or 'Echizen-Bori' carving on an Echizen katana. It appears to be inscribed with a name: "Sword of the Last Days." The last days were WWII when the Japanese were commanded to carry their swords on them during battle .


WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA "Tachi" Sword, Century Japan Steel, iron, gold, lacquer : This the most elegant of weapons over a thousand years of deadly perfection of art and war craft.

A shinto katana - Attributed to Yamato no kami Yasusada, 17th century

A shinto katana - I want this above my bed its beautiful

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Japanese sword, Katana 刀. The finest hand-held weapons in the world.

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Katana [Dewa Daijyou Kunimichi](Wazamono)[N.K] Hozon Token. Edo era, So basically my zombie apocalypse weapon if choice.

Katana (Ishidou Korekatu) [N.B.T.H.K] Tokubetu Hozon touken. Edo era 1853.

Katana (Ishidou Korekatu) [N. Edo era R.S: Closest to Yukiko.