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[Artigo] Guia de avaliação de discos de vinil (Avaliação Goldmine) | Uma Vida Entre os Discos

Things Vinyl Collectors Love: Just watching the record spin and being sorta amazed that you're hearing music stored on tiny little grooves.

Vintage Analog Record Player Impressão artística

Vintage Analog Record Player

♪♫♫ Vintage Analog Record Player by Michael Mullen art print ♪♫♫

i honestly hate it when people listen to the 1975 and say that they're hippie like wtf no

the 1975 literally. this album on vinyl. nothing compares to it.// The fact that I actually have that album and that record player.

That beautiful crackle at the beginning of a record, right before that first chord, that first lyric, that first hit of the drum, right before the music takes you away.