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This is so funny Golden-Doodle ;) got to love your golden doodle! I use to do this to my golden doodle when she was a puppy! but now she is now to big to be in one of these!

Samoyed puppy - the breed that "smiles".

Samoyed puppies are so darn cute and fluffy! I just wanna cuddle with one :)

Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Goldendoodle puppy is a cross breed from a golden and a poodle. Come check out some different goldendoodle puppies pictures.

Myshkin the Goldendoodle

Myshkin the Goldendoodle looks like Ralph from Muppet Babies.

Little doggie fits in the palm of your hand

For all you requesting teacup poodles we have new babies here. Gorgeous Little Apple Red Micro doll face poodle estimating to be 2 to 2 pounds. She is so sassy and sweet! Very playful and curious about the world around her.