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Softly by Toru Shishikura

Softly by Toru Shishikura Love the details! Amazing what a person sees in creation!

poppy.jpg (1024×820)

The Poppy Fields in Galipoli - This is significant to New Zealand history as it is a remembrance of the soldiers who fought for our country.

Fern frond unfurling by Anibelle

FERN - Mother Nature is incredibly beautiful. Just look at this fern. This is a Fibonacci spiral, or ratios if you've heard about them. The pattern is throughout nature.

Aspen Backdrop | by Mike Berenson - Colorado Captures

In this area, the aspens were so tall and thin, they seemed to compete for the same spaces of light. The light that showed through from the mountains and aspen leaves on the other side really caught my eye - Ohio Pass.

Descripción de las flores margarita

Descripción de las flores margarita

The daisy looks like a simple flower, but it is actually a composite of several different parts joining to form the flower.

Daisies  Gerbera <3 my favorite flower

Gerber daisies, they are my flower. the make me happy. over any other flower i will take any daisy.