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Czym jest biomasa? What is Biomass?

Shaw Renewables specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of biomass boilers, CHPs, Anaerobic Digestion plants, biogas boilers and many more.

there are many different sources on biomass, biomass is material for dead plants and its decay

Biomass energy resources are readily available in rural and urban areas of all countries. Biomass-based industries can provide appreciable employment opportunities and promote biomass re-growth through sustainable land management practices.

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It should come as no surprise that we are persistently eyeing alternative energy sources to battle the tides of pollution and greenhouse gases.

Solar infographic - REI aspires to serve outdoor enthusiasts - and preserve the outdoors - 100 years from now and beyond.

How We Harness Solar Power at REI

Learn the why and where REI invests in solar technology, plus other fun facts about the sun. Who knew energy management could be this much fun?

12 Fascinating Facts On Solar Energy   #infographic #SolarEnergy #facts

12 Fascinating Facts On Solar Energy #infographic

The proliferation of solar is growing at an unprecedented rate. Here NRG Home Solar takes a look at some fascinating facts surrounding this clean energy option.

Our infographic on #biomass. What's wonderful about biomass!

Domestic Biomass Boilers Scotland

Being Biomass Energy geeks, naturally we enjoy a good tree fact or two.


The Impressive Steps Google Takes To Stay Carbon Neutral

The best online infographics directory with a curated array of the best infographics that you can find online.

Biomass Resources

Energy minister Greg Barker has unveiled the government’s plans to ensure large biomass and biogas burning plants are using sustainably grown and harvested feedstocks, and are producing fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than fossil-fuelled power stations.

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How Algae Biodiesel Works

Growing Algae for Biodiesel Use - What's the best type of algae for biodiesel? Discover the best type of algae for biodiesel and how algae can meet the demand for biodiesel.