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* * " He's gotta say 'uncle' or noes release! "

Animals Up In Arms: A Look At Animals Fighting and Loving

kitty wrestling :) So I have had two kittens and their constant wrestling just freaked me out. Especially when they bite each other in the face. Cat owners say it's normal but I just say it's mean. :( But these kittens are cute!

tumblr_nifn8mBWqa1tc91ixo1_500.jpg (500×749)

autumndreaming: Need a little NOW. Kthxbye-- This is a beautiful black cat walking along a fallen tree log. The autumn background with the black cat, gives this photo a real Halloween feel.

white cat perched above the streets & looking for fun

Speaking of Paris, this seems to be a picture of Lagertha as a kitten. He said "Yes, but the weird thing is, We were living in Berlin at the time.