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neon design inspiration graphic design Art / Megan Geckler - this is a cool idea for an outdoor room or a room divider. Very inspiring. I'd like to find some beautiful fabric to play with this design at my house.

https://flic.kr/p/6rPeki | Sebastian Mariscal Studio | Mariscal created a tunnel from plywood that serves as the entry point to the exhibition.

Sebastian Mariscal created a tunnel from plywood that serves as the entry point to the exhibition - with more light also a good idea for a long hallway at home.

Pop Icon Pintraits

Pop Icon Pintraits

Philip Karlberg: pin art - celebrity portraits for plaza magazine. Jackie O wearing Burberry sunglasses

Acoustic Art Installation.

Saphera- Cardboard structure ideas Acoustic architectures: by Zimoun, a sound artist/sculptor who builds different kinds of white noise into structures.

It both feeds my note obsession and my art addiction.

This is my dreammmmm for an office. totally what i wanted in my old office "pixilated sticky note wall/art. Seriously would love this in an office, home or business.

Fun diy bubble rap idea!~ fill a syringe with and color dye and inject into the bubble rap and make any design!

Travail typographique par le studio Lo Siento

Wired Magazine Lettering by Lo Siento Studio, Barcelona. Made by Injecting colored liquid into bubblewrap!

Una selección de recursos innovadores de señalización para museos, restaurantes y tiendas

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maybe do this with hands/wand power fighting??

This was a trade show display, but it could be adapted in-store. "nike running 4 does a dynamic display with a little yarn.