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DIY: Repurpose-Recycle-Upcycle Books!

Repurposing old books!

amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.

Young Adult Fiction From Every State In The United States… Illinois Michigan Minnesota Ohio maybe Massachusetts

The YA books that represent the 50 States of America. Summer reading list for next summer

I have always said this! Are they sure they didn't steal MY quote? Haha :)

Even if the movies are really well done the books are way better. Love this. So true. Rarely have I met a movie better than the book!

” I am someone who has never taken an art class in my life but have stumbled upon making Book Art / Book Origami. I didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body and never thought of myself as creative. I had seen books that were folded similar to the Readers Digest christmas trees and wondered if it was possible to create a different design or use words. I first started off doing simple letters, alternating pages for each fold but now I am doing more complex and intricate designs. I use…

Isaac Salazar takes a book, makes a lot of folds on the inside pages and out pops a typographic phrase like: 'dream', 'read', 'create', 'love' or f'aith'. He calls this series of work - Book Origami. Salazar explains his work: “I see my work.

Upcycle your books into things you want to keep around the house, like jewelry, furniture, and decor. You'll still get to keep your treasured book and make good use of it while you're at it. Read on for 21 suggestions on what you can do with your old books.

21 Uses For Old Books

If you're a die-hard bookworm, then you probably cringe at the idea of throwing away old books. Here's a solution: upcycle them into things you want to keep around the house!

Tea and books--perfect together.

Are books your cup of tea? a cup of a tea and a good book sure are!

Stunning books carved with surgical tools. The artist carves one page at a time. Truly amazing, indeed.

Brian Dettmer, a New York-based artist known as the Book Surgeon, uses tweezers, knives, scalpels and other surgical tools to dissect and carve old books into intricate and beautiful sculptures


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Raiz de sabedoria

This would be a great new tattoo. Knowledge is the key Art Print by Marine Loup

Book Art Carving Sculpture by Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer Book Sculptures - These Brian Dettmer Book Sculptures are absolutely mind boggling. Moving onto bigger and better things, this Chicago-born, Atlanta-based artist has.

Little worlds inside books. Literally.

Altered book art by livre paysage - this is gorgeous! I hate to think of an actual book being destroyed to make it, but it is beautiful.