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Siberian Husky

I believe in integrity. Humans are sometimes lacking it. - Cesar Millan -photo credit to the owner

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Boo is an adoptable Husky Dog in Tucson, AZ. This blue-eyed cutie and her siblings were born a few days after their mom was rescued from a hording confiscation case in Tucson. They are purebred Husky.


The Red Alaskan Malamute can sometimes looks very similar to a wolf. They are great household pets. Check out some different pictures of the red malamute.


Ashira is quite lazy and loves all kinds of treats. But she loves to run in open fields--only then do we really see the majestic husky in its full glory.

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Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Australian Shepherd Puppy Dog-------- I always said one day I would get 2 Australian Shepherds. A blue merle and a red merle.

Hmm...Je te vois #siberianhusky

Hmm...Je te vois #siberianhusky

хаски смешные - Пошук Google

A close-up photo of Siberian Husky& face - Animal Wallpapers - Hi .