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mindplay: bricks on me by elroy klee. Holland-based design studio elroy klee advertisement shoot using the building blocks of LEGO's. Using only yellow pieces, the constructed wig resembles blonde layers.

This candy dispenser provides a fun way to get a delicious sweet treat. A simple slider mechanism doles out the goods and the top has an easy-release lid. The Lego ...

Lego Candy Dispenser

Instructions for building a Lego gumball dispenser - new project for me and my boy!

Lego birthday cake. Genius.  WOW !! Awesome, great kids cake but adults I know would love it too!

Lego Cake

Legos and Cake. my 2 fav things! radbunny Legos and Cake. my 2 fav things! Legos and Cake. my 2 fav things!

Barbie Without Makeup | Pic | Gear

Barbie Without Makeup. So funny. I truly believe that all girls can look like Barbie dolls with a little bit of makeup and the right hair.

Anatomy is a branch of biology and medicine that considers the structure of living things. It is a general term that includes human anatomy, animal anatomy (zootomy), and plant anatomy (phytotomy). In some of its facets anatomy is closely related to embryology, comparative anatomy and comparative embryology, through common roots in evolution.

Funny pictures about LEGO anatomy. Oh, and cool pics about LEGO anatomy. Also, LEGO anatomy photos.

DIY  Propane Bottle Lego Head   at Instructables     LOLOLOL

Propane Bottle Lego Head

lego gas tank Because I'm cool like that! Now that I know how to turn on my sewing machine, I'm making a cover for our exchangeable gas tanks!

bald men + exploding water balloons + perfect timing = priceless

Exploding Water Balloons Create Hilarious Wigs

bald men + exploding water balloons + perfect timing = priceless I'm sure some of these are photoshopped


printwerbung seitenbacher

Seitenbacher Musli Cereal: Responsibility / No wonder you always wake up hungry.

perruque lego

Creative wigs made out of LEGO bricks by talented Dutch artist Elroy Klee.

Custom LEGO Babies by CitizenBrick.com. Have your own custom printed legos.

LEGO Minifig Babies & More! LEGO Accessory store Citizen Brick now has Baby Minifigs. Because that’s what happens, you know, when a dude minifig and a lady minifig love each other very much… uh, dangit!

Mind play #lego #coiffure

Mindplay: Bricks On Me is a small series of wigs made entirely out of LEGO bricks. The advertising campaign was shot by Elroy Klee.

Wow! Playful Office Wall Filled with 1,200 LEGO People. Would be a cool wall display in my son's room!

Playful Office Wall Filled with 1,200 LEGO People

Playful Office Wall Filled with LEGO People. Would be a cool wall display in my son's room! Create a lego man for each team member

Interactive Art Installations - Interactive art installations have been quite prominent in the art world as of late as they boast an inviting nature.   Though conventional mediums...

72 Interactive Art Installations

Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.