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I scramble for cover as the gun goes off, and succeed in falling off the yellow bus. Oliver catches me, and the five of us run into the safety of the bus.


There are a thousand vacant hotel room hearts waiting for you, with your dark eyes and hissing tongue.


Writing inspiration As she looked up to the sky, dying, the shapes of the building and the smell of the smog slowly helped her drift off into the next world.

[_ Don't let me down, Don't let me down _] by .still moments on 500px

picture prompt: Look at this picture. Your first thought is you're looking from the angle of the person saving the falling girl - But what if that's the wrong perspective: what if you're falling and she's flying to save you?

Hiding in the small shed, Lucy watched the helicopter flew over.  The boys remained behind her, but a tension hung.

Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone with Devo7

I can hear the choppers sounding through the city. Their blades cut through the air with a beat that matches my heart. But even as I run, all I can think about is the thermal cameras that will catch me even if I hide.

geiler kaila

Peter Bialobrzeski, "Nail House" - buildings belonging to people in China who refuse to leave their homes to make way for new apartment developments.