Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia - love the metalwork on the staircase..

A lacy metal spiral staircase, arched window, and walls painted a deep purple define the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Malaysia

monpressecitron:  Verona, Italy

monpressecitron: Verona, Italy | saorge french window

saorge french window :: reminds me of the view out our hotel window in avignon :-)

Beautiful shutters in Genoa, Italy

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arquitectura mexicana - Google Search

Love all the color leading to the ocean. Las Alamandas Hotel in Mexico.


Turquoise Room Decorations – Aqua Exoticness Ideas and Inspirations 2018 is here. This turquoise wall color can make you feel all brand new. Happy new year.


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what's more welcoming than a yellow door in a garden?

Any yellow front door pops out. It welcomes guests with open arms and adds a spark of sun as to house's exterior as to house's interior. Yellow looks reall

Enjoy Italy, Florence: an awesome city in Tuscany full of memorable art, architecture and more. Find out about the best Florence, Italy attractions with pictures.