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LOVE! Found this a few years ago and always wanted to pin!

Hey Jude - The flowchart.

Michael Jackson, Photo Art, Mj


Wrought of Luminaries - Resurrecting an idol's brain in a dystopian future that worships celebrity - short story ~ Key Avery

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Fred Astaire -- Greatest dancer of all time. Watch him one time and you'll be hooked! He will cheer you up no matter what ails you.

Fred Astaire and Michael

Fred Astaire & Michael Jackson This must have meant a lot for Michael.

ohh the old Alistair joy

“Fred Astaire danced his way into heaven 29 years ago today.P Fred, you were one of the greatest.

Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir was born May 3, 1898.

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, In office 17 March 1969 – 3 June 1974