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Golden Hour Reflection by tkottary

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Photograph Golden Hour Reflection by Tarun Kottary on

Happy 100th Anniversary National Park Service  Landscapes photo by westlight http://rarme.com/?F9gZi

Sunset at Grand Teton National Park during my last photo workshop. Great way to end the workshop! Here’s a link to one of my Photo Tours Grand Teton - Wild West Photo Tour 2015

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A view of the Merrit Reservoir at sunset. The reservoir is located not far from Valentine, Nebraska.

Reflections of  Buddha by Nott Sutthipong on 500px

“Reflections of Buddha by NottSutthipong



Forest Lake Sunset

Content: This is a very content photo, because it is full of happiness and colors. These make it a very peaceful picture. Other elements in this photograph are, color, texture, and shutter speed.

Sunset in Bude Cornwall, England

Sunset and calm seas at the breakwater in Bude, north Cornwall, England. The sky is so pretty!


Footbridge, mountains in the background, red autumn leaves floating toward the camera in the lake as the sunset streams light through wintry barren trees to reflect the island onto the water