god bless colton dixon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

colton dixon so sad that he got voted off but God has big plans for him

One of my new favorite people. He is such an inspiration, not to mention so freaking good looking..

Colton Dixon---american idol contestant who stood up for what he believed in and shared his faith repeatedly!

Colton Dixon :)

Colton Dixon my one true love ha

Colton Dixon is amazing with his emo rocker voice. I can't believe he almost didn't audition. Love him!

My favorite male singer on American Idol 2012 season, is definitely Colton.

Colton Dixon - I'm a HUGE fan!

Colton Dixon performs Lifehouse's 'Everything.' My favorite worship song.

When Colton sang "Everything" by Lifehouse it was like I'd never really HEARD that song before, it had played around me but for the first time I really listened to the lyrics.

Colton Dixon singing his last line of "Everything" by Lifehouse on American Idol