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Change your life and start living by these mega-mantras: Four Hawaiian words that will increase your happiness. Read up on our blog!

4 Hawaiian Words to Live Your Life By

Here, we take a look at 4 Hawaiian words to live your life by. Incorporate these into your day-to-day, and you'll increase your happiness, health, and love for life.

Surf, sleep, eat, repeat || Summertime recipe

Ryan and I spent part of our lunch discussing the importance of visiting the beach (for us East coast folks). Ryan and Steph like to take the girls and extended family on a beach vacay every year :).

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•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane

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Clear ocean sea beach sand water in summer sun fun with palm tree leaves banana tree leaves like in Hawaii island paradise California living like a boho bohemian hippie gypsy

* Surf's Up *

Surf's up pink surf board ocean sea waves girl hair swim suit rocks beach trees blue sky

For a moment, let yourself be here. #MiniMoment #outdoorwomen  Photo: www.kallelundholm...

surf board // this looks like a penguin sticking its head into the sand