Woowie she has beautiful thick curls, just too cute

She is so adorable! Why does pintrest and the internet kill you with amazingly beautiful and adorable kids and babys!

I don't usually post random pictures of kids but how adorable is she?!

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blue eyed innocence

those big blue eyes are as bright as your future baby. ~ The Luxury Spot ~ by Gary

Esmeralda (Emmie) - 4

14 Cute and Lovely Hairstyles for Little Girls

headband hairstyle for little girl. Once Dallas gets some longer locks and keeps anything in her hair. I can't wait lol

dark hair and blue eyes! This little girl is beautiful!!

aw wow she's so beautiful I hope baby girl comes out like this with hazel blue eyes and dark hair :) if not it's cool but this little girl looks like a little doll love it