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Funny pictures about British people and tea. Oh, and cool pics about British people and tea. Also, British people and tea.

Can't we all just get along?

19 Times America And Britain Went Head To Head On Tumblr

Just Overheard This

This would definitely be me, if I had a computer in my room. Unfortunately, my mom makes us keep it in the living room. It USED to be in my room, but then mom got all nostalgic and wanted me to 'communicate' and be 'social'.

Not exactly Hetalia but it's accurate and close enough anyways

America is not a country. United States is the name you're looking for. America is a fucking continent. I live in America too, and I'm brazilian. Stop saying it is a country.

Those rebellious yankees

Thousands of cups of tea smash to the ground in shock XD <<< that's interesting, I didn't know Americans don't use the word 'fortnight' to say 'two weeks'

XD XD the last one tho

"hello motherfucker it is nice to be seeing you today" "oh hi asshole i didn't expect to see you here how's your day" "good how about you shitface" "good thanks for asking fuckass">>>> I think you were trying to joke but this ^ is accurate tho

Violently laughs

23 Times Tumblr Was Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

This is just too hilarious not to post.lol

-College applications should be free. Why should I pay to be rejected? they're not free? -not in America -Wait, where are they free? -literally everywhere else

Eheh eeewwww.... did this make anyone else fidget? :£

"Mayonnaise" <<< are you Satan then. <<< yes, I already posted this but I'm doing it again because I have now confirmed why I said Mayonnaise