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Some of these are too funny!

how about some cute pet photos to make you smile and laugh! (please excuse the language on some of these.I don't know how to only pin the ones I like.some are too funny!

combining a few of my favorite things (take that, Oprah!): random taxidermy and bull ridin...cowboy-squirrel-snake-4.jpg

Obvious Winner - So Easy To See The Awesomeness - ow - Badass Taxidermied Rodeo Squirrel Riding a Black Timber Rattlesnake

Hilarious Talking Dog Video teasing the dog about bacon and cat treats

The Ultimate Dog Tease! Who doesn't love bacon? Or kitty treats? Or better yet, bacon wrapped kitty treats? Join the Pet Uprise, and check out this hilarious talking dog.


baby meerkat These are probably my favorite animal, all around. But, not for a pet.

Bahahahaha!!!!!! You right!!!!!! Dead on for your ratchet ass!!!! Too bad I already called your nasty ass out on that one a long time ago skank!!!!! No bugger off dim wit!!!!! You dont wanna fuck with me much more!

25 Funny Pictures of Smiling Animals - Animals can smile too and looks very funny while laughing. Collection of 25 funny photos of smiling animals. Funny and Crazy Pictures, funny videos, flash games

As a matter of fact, the world DOES revolve around my Poodle

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6 Scary Reasons Why You Need to Turn the Lights Off at Night

You Have to See These 5 Incredible Dog Manicures- oh so fancy LOL!


Ren Netherland photo An Airdale terrier with characters from The Muppets, including Kermit, Gonzo and Animal, is seen at a creative grooming dog show in the United States.