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Crane Operator, Wei Gensheng Takes Breathtaking Photos of Shanghai From 2,000 Feet High

Crane Operator Takes Breathtaking Photos of Shanghai From 2,000 Feet High

Clouds over Shanghai: "Crane operator’s stunning aerial photo, shot from the new Shanghai Tower in China, the second tallest building in the world.



Wow - beautiful reflection.

this photo represents reflectuion because of the building being reflected into the puddle of water on the ground. I like this photo because I think it's a great example of reflection and also the building is really cool.

two sides to every coin...supersymmetry.

"Black & White" tree reflection - this is a compilation of many of the things I like.black & white photos, trees, and water

An awesome view of #Shanghai landscape, China. During sunset.

Pack your bags for places to visit in Shanghai – My Native City

The " Pearl of the orient " An awesome view of Shanghai landscape, China. During sunset.

Wooster Street | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Wooster Street

This is a pretty cool photograph that illustrates depth of field. The floor on the top appear to be darker than the lower level floors and the upper level floors also appear to be smaller. It is also a super creative photograph b/c it is a reflection of

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