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so cute

Stealing marshmallows, so adorable. They're so cute and we're weak to it. that's how they get away with things and get spoiled. It's not our fault! (Oh so true)

So true for my Lupo, he carries himself that way

My Dachshund Thinks He's a Doberman with Short Legs.---- This reminds my of my daughter's dogs - Oscar and Arnie.

Autumn Dachshunds by olgakhazai.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Dachshunds - I so want another one. Sparky my half pint my love.Scottie's road dog we miss you

Assis de face

Dachshunds are one of my favorite kinds of dogs; we have a miniature dachshund who looks a lot like this one, her name is Precious:)

Hold it!

There's always plenty of Happy Howie's Treats! -- photo via Dump A Day Beware Of Animals With Funny Captions - 28 Pics

dog pile - Google Search

Dachshund and her puppy _______________________ Nothing sweeter than a mother's love.

everytime i tell her to get in the laundry room or the car... yet when i say "let's go to GiGi's" she runs out the door before i can even open it all the way... light of my life

When my mom tells me to get in my kennel, I pretend to be paralyzed so she has to carry me. This is SO LD, but insert "When my mom tells me to come here, or it's time for bed, or anything of the sort.

Well hello there, random human visiting my home. Did you happen to bring anything good? Hotdogs? Biskits? Bacon? If you did, you could just become my new best friend!

New Best Friend

@Jaimi McDonough: Looks like this is all I need for a Christmas tree this year

Dog wrapped in christmas lights christmas merry christmas christmas pictures christmas ideas happy holidays merry xmas

Dachshund stilts :-)

"They told me I could anything.so I became a Doberman" My mom had a Dachshund once, she told me the little runt thought he was a Rottweiler!