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Creative Criminals - It's all about advertising - Part 5

Use of a comic hero always wins me over. This ad shows the strength of Band-Aid brand bandages. If they can hold up to the Hulk, they can handle your boo boo too.

ads of the world

A few years back, New York ad agency JWT came up with this brilliantly creative campaign for razor company Schick. To illustrate "the power of four," they created a razor so sharp, it even shaves the hair off tattoos! Clever and creative.

요즘 큰 프로젝트 몇개를 마무리한다고 글쓰기를 미룬 나머지, 간만에 쓰는 포스팅 입니다. 로고제작등의 디자인을 작업을 계속하며, 간판의 형태를 알아보다가 포스팅하게된, 롤스토리에서 골라본 간판 디자인(Signboard Design) 추천30 입니다.  ▲ 01 깔끔한 형태의 정갈함이 돋보입니다.  ▲ 02 건물 전체가 하나의 간판이 된 아주 독특한 디자인이네요.  ▲ 03 전체 외관가 잘 어울리게 틀안에 있는 별모양 간판 입니다...

I found this ad to be very clever due to its unique way of showing that McDonalds is open at night with the spotlights that are shining the light to light up the display create the famous golden arches.

cool Un banc publicitaire de poissons

This is an advertisement photo because the title is called fish and chips. The hair is shaped into a fish and the neck is surrounded with chip. It's shows advertising by giving us an example of how fish and chips will look

Believe it or not creativity goes hand in hand with condoms! That's why art…

The Most Clever Condom Advertisements (NSFW)

A creative Durex ad. I love the use of the maze and overall simplistic style because it demonstrates the condom's ability to prevent pregnancy/ not break open.

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The creative leaflet designed by Brazilian designer Leo Rosa Borges for IKEA. Proof that traditional marketing channels such as direct marketing can transform into A) great digital content B) Still showcase the best about your brand