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Whitewash Nicholas Alan Cope LA is a city of contrasts—the famous and unknown, blinding light and impenetrable shadow, wealth and poverty, m.

Stone House by John Pawson, Milan. It would be good to have a glass panel on the roof to let light in from the south side of the house

Built by S.M.A.O. in Almadén, Spain with date 2001. Images by Hisao Suzuki. The idea of situating and relating a series of objects in the landscape- Dwelling, Chapel, Hunting pavilion and Guard...

Chapel in Valleaceron / S.M.A.O.

Amazing Orquideorama Medellin | #Information #Informative #Photography


Fashion and architecture building Futurism art bridge

First Look: Thomas HeatherwickFirst Look: Thomas Heatherwick's Bombay Sapphire Distillery Heatherwick Studio Bombay Sapphire Distillery Laverstoke, U.

5372aa1bc07a80acfd00000a_abc-building-wise-architecture_portada.jpg (1500×1956)

Built by Wise Architecture in Seoul, South Korea with date Images by Chin HyoSook. The ABC Building is located around SeonJeong Royal Tomb with history of old Seoul in Gangnam area in Korea. The boast.