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I need to do this for my grandpa!! He still calls the microwave 'that contraption'

Let Me Make it Easy for You

Both grandparents! ==> I honestly didn't get this at first (didn't look at buttons), until my mom picked up the remote the other day. So funny, so true!

So true!

Funny pictures about Thank you Jesus. Oh, and cool pics about Thank you Jesus. Also, Thank you Jesus.

It's finally explained!!!!

What really happened at Stonehenge. What REALLY happened at Stonehenge Stonehenge Angry Birds rocks England uk queen ra

Our Sins Were Nailed To The Cross

Nails shadow cast is a calvary cross, words on how this picture speaks to me. Jesus is my Savior and He will never hate me for every sin I have committed.

Getting lured into a teenage white girl trap. | 28 Things Only Teenage White Girls Will Understand... so sad but sooo true

How to catch a white girl - Free Uggs, Starbucks, northface and Nutella would get me! I don't do diet coke and I prefer dunkin donuts over Starbucks :))

Aaahhh!! Only because I HATE YOLO! This is awesome!!

I’m back…

I do what I want

Funny pictures about My neighbor's dog is special. Oh, and cool pics about My neighbor's dog is special. Also, My neighbor's dog is special.

Hahaha this just made me feel better about some of the dumb shit I do!

If you ever feel dumb, sloth, branch, tree. Karen Thatcher I am laughing and crying. Sloths are one of my top three sad animals