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African Palm Swift in flight.jpg

African Palm Swift in flight.jpg


Luke Stephenson is a Photographer of Birds, Ice Cream vans, Clown Eggs, Beards and other wonderful things.

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“The Guide says there is an art to flying", said Ford, "or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Swallow tattoo golondrina

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"bird photos 11 Superb Collection of Bird Photography" beautiful bird picture.

Funny Wildlife, funnywildlife: peregrineinastoop: ...

funnywildlife: peregrineinastoop: “ Red-shouldered Hawk by Earl Reinink ”

Wonder what story I can make of this.

Red Warbler (Cardellina ruber) is a small passerine bird endemic to the highlands of Mexico, north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. It is closely related to, and forms a superspecies with, the Pink-headed Warbler of southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Very cool

Very cool


Blue Tit - sweet little bird. The Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus or…

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a7c4f0a42e323aa505dbf7df93245584--pretty-birds-beautiful-birds.jpg (236×315)