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Ritsu and Mio chibi of K-On!

Ritsu and Mio chibi of K-On! Ritsu is my favourite character.

I like 2000's and 2010's style, they look better than the other two to me. I like 2000's because of the shading and dark color and 2010's because the style is more.... Delicate?

Anime style over time. I like the 2000 style. I grew up with the style so I think I like that one the most

Yui, so adorable! K-On!

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CHIBI | Chibi Anime Gallery: Akiyama Mio K-On Chibi

Akiyama Mio chibi from K-On anime Tsumugi Kotobuki & Hirasawa Yui From Baka-art

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K-ON! k- off-ZZZZZZZZZ..........................

K-ON! Also, Mugi is adorable. K-ON! Too much cake eventually leads to quite the sugar crash Also Mugi is adorable lily mugi crossover?