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The 3D printed home is an accomplishment which many architects and designers have at least been contemplating for a few years now. We have seen numerous compani

You have probably heard about printed houses. Even if it seems unrealistic, it has already happened. A great example of it is Shanghai-based company WinSun

Building & Testing A 3D Printed House http://3dprinterplans.info/building-testing-a-3d-printed-house/

This Cement Printer is designed to print medium-sized homes, It prints concrete insulated walls in a shape controlled by G-code. The printer is built to w.

Building a 3D printer with a 3D printer

Building a 3D printer with a 3D printer

A NYC open source community member plans to launch a self-build printer kit

Amazing 3D Printer

Amazing 3D printer in action: Watch a working wrench being made from powder

Z Corporation in Burlington, Massachusetts, specialises in printers that can make almost anything - even tools with moving parts.

Dubaï impression 3D

Bientôt des bâtiments entièrement imprimés en 3D à Dubaï

World’s First Printed Office Building, Complete With Printed Furniture & Interior To Be Built in Dubai

Contour Crafting: How 3D Printing Will Change Construction.

Contour Crafting: How 3D Printing Will Change Construction

Contour Crafting: printed house in 20 hours, including electrical and plumbing; they say it might work for space bases on the Moon or Mars.

Bud-E 3D printed earbud cases designed by ektera.

Bud-E printed earbud cases designed by ektera.

BeAM’s CLAD 3D Printing Technology — Metal 3D Printing Evolved for Repairs & Manufacturing http://3dprint.com/75173/beams-clad-3d-printing/

BeAM's CLAD Printing Technology -- Metal Printing Evolved for Repairs & Manufacturing

Inoperable tumor removed from five year old, thanks to 3D printing

A team of surgeons at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, Spain has successfully completed a "highly complex" surgery to remove a tumor in 5 years old boy, thanks to printing.

3ders.org - 3D print your own pasta in a restaurant | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Italy-based pasta maker Barilla plans to equip every restaurant with food printers in a few years. Customers could then get their own designed printed pasta on the plate in a few minutes.


Forget machine parts and iPhone cases, the Dutch are thinking much bigger by using a printer to create whole rooms that can be assembled into unique, customized houses. Via CNET

$249 Created by Maryland-based firm, M3D, The Micro 3D comes ready to use out of the box, so there's no setup or instructions.

The 3D printer that costs less than an iPhone:

The printer that costs less than an iPhone: device prints food, jewelry and toys at the touch of a button. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

La plus grosse imprimante 3D du monde pour construire une maison sur les rives du canal d'Amsterdam. Le KamerMaker est fabriquée à partir d'un conteneur de transport maritime, elle a été conçue il y a quelques années par Utilimaker et Architectburo DUS afin de repousser les limites de la fabrication additive en permettant l'impression d'objets de très grande taille, qu'il s'agisse de meubles ou de petites éoliennes. http://www.dusarchitects.dds.nl/projects.php?categorieid=urbanstrategies

A printed house rises in Amsterdam — Tech News and Analysis