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Having fought countless crime syndicates, a rogue Spectre, and even the Reapers, nothing strikes fear in the heart of Garrus Vakarian. except the thought of babysitting a 4 year old asari. A dire.

EDI (I'd love it if EDI's infiltration Mech had silver hair and eyes)

A quickie featuring two of my favorite characters, not necessarily my favorite models though. I always thought poor Kelly got the short end of the stick, Bioware just seemed to love torturing her.

Mass Effect:

Second piece for Yay! LA's Legends Every Day summer art series, 'cause I love this game a lot. I also love the sheer number of Shepards that people have made their own, so I wanted to do something that reflected the multitude of different

I cried so hard when tghis happened, still get the feels thinking about it

Bioware Confessions - Mordin's Death - Yeah, I cried like a baby. The datapad you find on the floor during "aftermath" of the Citadel DLC party. Most of it cracked me up, but him singing a verse of Amazing Grace tore me up all over again.

Welcome Shadow Broker...   The following are notes and pieced together recordings of the Human Spectre, Commander Jane Shepard.       [...

Garrus, Shepard from Mass Effect 2 © BioWare Don't worry, Garrus will be ok. He has reach, after all.