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MONOCHROMACY [noun] also known as “total colour blindness”; a complete inability to distinguish colours.

Ancestral vision

Ancestral Vision by Mark Poole MTG art

Keith Thompson

“Artwork by Keith Thompson for the film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark directed by Troy Nixey. In-Universe, they’re meant to be the half-sane musings of Emerson Blackwood, a wildlife painter and.

Steampunk Robotic Owl

Steampunk Animals by James Corbett, The Car Part Sculptor James Corbett takes used card parts and, using them like pieces in a puzzle, creates amazing steampunk sculptures. Corbett showed artistic talent ever since he was a little boy.

ilusiones opticas de movimiento - Buscar con Google

Binocular Cues - Depth cues, such as retinal disparity, that depend on the use of two eyes.

Pulse London Exhibitor: Ohh Deer

Heroes & Villains by Jack Teagle!I love this for my nephews :)

Keith Thompson art from the Leviathan Series

Keith Thompson art from the Leviathan Series

Angorra's blog - Page 578 - ۩ ۩ ....... ÀЙGǾŔŔÀ ......۩۩ - Skyrock.com

"Pharos at Alexandria" by samburley I would have loved to have seen the lighthouse at Alexandria - it was one of the ancient wonders of the world

Angel of the City by Byzwa - http://digitalart.io/angel-city-byzwa/

Byzwa-Dher creates stunning scenic visuals usually featuring a mix of futuristic and fantasy themes. This digital art piece is a digital painting featuring what looks like the birth of an angel along a cityscape.


"Æthereal Goodness" ~ Akâsh Dhåãm (∆ The Æthereal Abode ∆) Artwork Credit "AyyaSaft % ayyasap Deviantart Artist барышня,красивые картинки,рыжая" __()__ Boundless Divine Love