Blu in Berlin (2007)

Dicas e sugestões - Stop motion em graffiti - BLU - ''Muto'' - Video

The street art creations by French artist Sophie, Photographe, who since 2010 creates collages of wild animals in the streets of Paris, creating twisted and

A street artist displays wild animals in the streets of Paris…

Une street artist colle des animaux sauvages dans les rues de Paris… A street artist glues wild animals in the streets of Paris. Street art, living wild and free, LXIV United, apparel for men and women

and yet another photo shop on London wall...

lo q hace el ocio - toomax

Leo & Pipo

“Our idea is to place old photographs on a modern background and observe if the combination can create a new meaning.

Run & Phlegm, detail, Chichester, UK

Some surreal sequential collaboration with one of my favourite artists. Painted for the chichester street art festival.

tumblr_m00v3mSeqD1r3up5ho1_1280.jpg (720×960)

Apparently something that will never die is writing on bathroom stall walls. Let's all resolve to write on a bathroom wall at least once in our lives.

COPE2 #street #art #graffiti

Fernando Carlo, known as is an American artist who has gained international credit for his work - throw-ups and also a wildstyle graffiti.