I Wasn't Made For Winter Box Sign

I Wasnt Made for Winter, I Want My Flip Flops - Wood Box Sign - Primitives by Kathy from California Seashell Company

@Marina Zlochin Zlochin Gonzalez  omg please do this is Cali!!!!

Making your friends mermaids at the beach, by just adding a mermaid tail and take a picture is filled with a funny

Summer quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook

and this year my summer will be so much better and I won't be in my house all day because I got things to help my depression! I will be out having fun this summer!

This is what summer is about :D

Wish it was summer all year round. Life is ALWAYS better in the summer!

this summer...

this summer will change our lives. It'll literally change you and Ty's Crankshaw

Life is good, and some people forget how good they really have it :)

Home made slide. I want this so bad!

build a redneck waterslide into a lake and ride an air mattress down

I need more fun in the sun

Summer Quote: palm trees ocean breeze salty air sun kissed hair endless summer take me

beach naps//

Wake me up when summer 2014 begins - Seriously I have never hated winter as much as I do this year, It's sucking the life out of me!