Post image for Casabella Furniture’s Business Card_This clever folding business card is made for Casabella Furniture. The red color makes the card more attractive as if it wasn’t eye catching enough that it transforms into a lounge seat.

What a novel idea for a furniture company business card - you’d definitiely remember these guys.

Bold colour choice, the grey just makes that orange pop! | Meijer by Mark Niemeijer, via Behance

Picture of 5 designed by Mark Niemeijer for the project Meijer. Published on the Visual Journal in date 24 January 2014

Logo, print and stationery with white ink detail for three dimensional designer Paul Loebach created by Studio Lin

Logo and Brand Identity for Paul Loebach by Studio Lin - BP&O

Really enjoy this identity for Paul Loebach, designed by Studio Lin . Love the mixtures of materials - the uncoated sky blue stock, paired .

Smack Bang Designs Kelly

Seasoned hands across a diverse range of mediums. We build cohesive, confident brands that warrant longevity in the game.

Studio Constantine: Stationery and Promotional Materials | great use of 2-color limitations | designworklife

Studio Constantine: Stationery and Promotional Materials Format_ Various Method_ Offset Colours_ Pantone Red 32 & 540 Stock_ Saxton Smooth Brilliant White & Precision, various weights


Shotopop is a multi award winning studio specialising in illustration, animation & design.

Environmental Consultant Business Cards environmental-design

Ecological Business Cards

Environmental Consultant Business Cards environmental-design ARC - A very cool idea for those who are environmentally aware

Donhkoland / Sky

Logo and business card with an Indigo type-only design solution for Swedish copywriter Mattias Jersild created by BVD