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Final Kingdom: Donald

I don't like nor dislike them, it's just that there are better ones, and sometimes Donald and Goofy piss me off while I'm playing.

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One sky, one destiny. <-- I can't help but feel like the entire kh series has been building up for and everything is just going to explode in that one game.

XD oh my gosh, I can't wait for this world!!

alternate form animal print belt blue eyes brown eyes brown hair comic cow print cowboy hat desk electric socket eye contact fingerless gloves gloves hat kingdom hearts kingdom hearts iii looking at another multiple boys open mouth outstretched

Kingdom Hearts Fans know this feels

cough cough Donald every time.he heals me just as I cure myself and use all of my MP

Kingdom Hearts by ~JoniGodoy on deviantART

Illustration for the cover of a videogame magazine in Mexico called "Bajo Control", about the amazing game where Squaresoft fused with Disney to show to.