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Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With I got Isaac!!!!

Which "Teen Wolf" Character Do You Belong With You got: Isaac Lahey Isaac is charming and kind, and the kind of guy you’ll want to bring home to meet your parents. His smile is infectious, and his love for you will be unmatched.

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Stiles face when Scott says this is priceless. Well done True Alpha, you are scaring him.

"The bite is a gift"-scott I love stiles' reaction to scott basically rehearsing what derek said to him all those years ago ,, Teen Wolf


DANIEL SHARMAN: For all you Daniel Sharman lovers, here's some of the many pictures to get you through your day.

This gif is so bloody cute

" He said, before Shifting into a Dragon. Grace pulled herself up and they coasted the Southern Irish winds.

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16 Reasons Dylan OBrien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams. His smile is the best thing…

Teen Wolf <3

I always forget Issac was bad at first. I only see him as adorable sweet werewolf Isaac who would only hurt you if you hurt his pack/friends. He needs to be in season I miss my baby Isaac ❤️😪