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Bomb squad: These three.over any enemy, at once, together, . and God help you if a shows up too .let's make peace folks and keep it at all costs!

zainisaari: “ FITTED WITH BUT…The Royal Air Force (RAF) announced that it would not use the aircraft’s internal 27 mm Mauser cannon to save money by removing gun support costs, ammunition stocks,.

USAF Photos of Day: B-2 Spirit and F-22A Raptors--U.S. Stealth Power--At Andersen AFB, Guam, U.S.A.

Air Force Raptor Stealth Fighter Jets and One U. Air Force Spirit Stealth Bomber Fly In Formation Over Andersen Air .

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Celebrating the aircraft designed and built on Long Island, along with some other planes I think are beautiful.

1F vs 3SU no co pilot no wingman - only with God #memory

1F vs 3SU no co pilot no wingman - only with God #memory