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Cabbage Patch Kids adoption center. I would have sold myself into slavery in order to score a visit to this place.

This has always been a great idea - adoption! I loved my Cabbage Patch daughter as a girl.

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1976 Superstar #Barbie - This was one of my first Barbies.

1976 Superstar - Got her for Christmas when I was four with mod hair ken and Quick curl Barbie

Omg ... i was just talking about these about an hour !!!

Hot Cinnamon Fire Pix~who didn't chew on these? I remember the restaurants offered hot cinnamon toothpicks after your meal.

Loved this game...:)

I remember playing "Hands Down". It was one of our favorite games. It was certainly durable because there were plenty of HARD slaps.

I had one of these!

Vintage Mr Bim Stuffed Toy Monkey With banana. I had one of these when I was very young!

I loved this as a kid! Especially the Mickey Mouse Fantasia!! The scene with the brooms and water pails.  :)

Nostalgia Manila - cartoons, tv shows, videos, retro pop culture: Movie Viewer! Your first movie viewing toy.

Remember these hanging/swag lights in the 1970s?  My Mom had one just like this one. If I had one today, I'd hang it up in the Living Room.

Nothing said home decor better than swag lamps.and gold shag carpets. We had this exact lamp in our living room.

Jolly Rancher Stix - Loved Them!!!  My fav of all favorites.....Watermelon, then Apple, followed by Fire!!!

Jolly Rancher Stix - Remember these? We could get them at the concession stand at the Little League field (as well as the corner store's candy rack) *** OH I LOVED THE FIRE STIX!