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David Bowie photographed by Herb Ritts in LA, even with a cigarette still The Man Who Fell To Earth and such a Thin White Duke. Call me his duchess.

David Bowie

David Bowie, The Thin White Duke. the thin white duke is my favorite of bowies personas

Changes Two Bowie 1981

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David Bowie, New York City, 2001. Photographed by Myriam Santos-Kayda.

Legendary, trailblazing musician David Bowie, a pioneer of glam-rock in the died in New York on Sunday after an battle with cancer.

Thomas Newton (David Bowie).

David Bowie as Thomas Newton (The man who fell to earth) - Bowie's "Thin White Duke" era

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50 Years of David Bowie’s Hairstyles in a Single GIF. To celebrate his birthday last week, illustrator Helen Green created an animated gif of every one of David Bowie’s hairstyles from

David Bowie and his ex-wife Angie with their son "Zowie" Bowie (now Duncan Jones) 70s.

1974 David, Angela & Zowie Bowie(now known as Duncan Jones director of the movie Source Code and Moon )