Museo Jumex - The David Chipperfield–designed Museo Jumex in Polanco is a masterwork in modern architecture, from its soaring vaulted third-floor gallery to its serrated roof to its mesmerizing block-spiraled staircase. Catch the tail-end, if you can, of its Cy Twombly exhibition, ending October 12. Or, head down to the opening of its Danh Vō showcase on November 13.
✶The Museo Soumaya is a non-profit cultural institution & private museum in Mexico City.✶
The gallery Kurimanzutto, a major player in Mexico City’s contemporary-art scene.

Mexico City Guide: Art Galleries, Shopping Spots, and Restaurants

Museo Soumaya, Mexico City
・-・: 画像
Mexico City (DF, as it’s commonly called) is enormous. At 573 square miles and over 8 million people (more, if you include many of the outer boroughs), it’s one of the densest and largest cities in the world. We only had five days there—hardly enough time—and we’re already looking forward to a return. We first chose …

Travelogue: Mexico City

sunrise mall, sacramento, 1973