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So much BTT drawn so well, that it's not Bad Touch Trio anymore. It's BeauTiful Trio.

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Bad Touch Trio - Spain, France, & Prussia/ durarara style

Spain, Prussia, and France ❤ Eeee the Bad Touch Trio! France looks so cool in this one! Loving his hair~

Hetalia- BTT,Spain, Prussia, and France They're not an otp but they're hot

The BFT and their hobbies - Art by 樂 on Pixiv, found via Zerochan

Axis Powers: Hetalia, France, Spain & Prussia the bad touch trio

Hetalia bad touch trio BTT pirates France with Canada and Prussia with Germany and Spain with Romano

Bad Touch Trio(France, Prussia, and Spain) and the Bad Friends Trio(Romano, Canada, and Germany)