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臨時増刊 佐藤優の実験ゼミ
理科の実験で習ったような記憶がある、日時計。紀元前3000年以前から利用されていたという記録もあるほど、私たち […]
Years ago, I mastered the art of playing Nintendo 3DS--finding and holding my head in the perfect position to peer through the console's 3D parallax barrier display and drink in its stereoscopic worlds. I'm so proud of this skill that I even use it to inflate my ego: yes, I am the best at looking at screens. Yesterday, that ego was destroyed. I used Nintendo's New 3DS XL to play Super Smash Bros. on a train ride so nauseatingly bumpy that my talents were useless. And it worked perfectly ...
The Walking Rainbow science experiment should have been easy, but due to a mistake we discovered a fascinating capillary action and natural balance project. via @steampoweredfam
A good reason to get moving... especially considering my brain is pretty important for what I do.