Pennsy Pin-Up II by ~yankeedog on deviantART

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is the busiest passenger rail line in the United States by ridership and servi. Pennsy Pin-Up II

AeroTrain by ~yankeedog on deviantART

During the Harley Earl era, General Motors made some amazing looking locomotives, but some of the locomotives didn'.

Norfolk Southern Pin-Up by ~yankeedog on deviantART

This is a Norfolk Southern RR update of my Pennsylvania Railroad Pin-Up. Norfolk Southern Pin-Up

Penn Central Pin-Up by ~yankeedog on deviantART

Penn Central was a real train wreck between the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad and later the N. Penn Central Pin-Up

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d6f0d422472d3a6cd595e1c8ebfd896d--tin-signs-metal-signs.jpg (236×353)

"Travel in Style" Pin-Up Metal Sign-Historic Rail

"Travel in Style" Featuring Santa Fe's Grand Canyon Limited -a passenger train pulled by a heavy Northern - and a stylish, High Society passenger