Today's pin inspiration curated by MOIRE [ ]. Feel Free…

Today's pin inspiration curated by MOIRE [ ]. Feel Free…

Domino's Pizza Boxes Illustration by Steven Noble -

Domino's Pizza Boxes Illustrations

- Walter Schupfer Management

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Graphic Design and Illustration by SOPA Graphics

Print Design Inspiration A fine selection of graphic design works and illustrations for different print projects by design studio SOPA Graphics. More design examples by SOPA Graphics on WE AND THE.

A history of the 1920's makeup. I really enjoyed this!

1920s Makeup Starts the Cosmetics Industry- History

Mary Garden rouge Rouge was applied to the "apples" of cheeks in this era. The rouge and lipstick often matched as well.

Uncap Flavor

Print advertisment created by Baldwin&, United States for Burt's Bees, within the category: Health.

Chanel 1997

Found in Mom's Basement: Vintage Cosmetics/Perfume/Toiletries Advertising