Sushi form Japan I think making sushi is a kind of arts.Japanese food is always very beautiful and gorgeous.

16 Exciting Ways To Make Sushi

Vladimir Volegov

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makes me want a japanese boyfriend or best friend, haha; mom's home made style dosirack/bento !

炊き込みごはん...looks like rice with barley and oyster mushrooms....yum!

Mushroom Takikomi Rice - Japanese food - Mushroom Takikomi Rice is a traditional Japanese recipe which is made by cooking rice with a variety of vegetables and dashi flavour to create a filling and.

Healthy and Tasty Japanese Breakfast Dishes (Rice, Miso Soup, Vegetables and Seaweeds)

日本人の朝ごはん/お弁当 Photo: Healthy and Tasty Japanese Breakfast Dishes (Rice, Miso Soybeans Soup, Vegetables and Seaweeds)

おにぎり - onigiri

Japanese rice balls, called onigiri or omusubi, are compact triangles of cooked rice stuffed with a tasty filling and often wrapped in a sheet of toasted nori. Cute, portable and healthy, they're one of our favorite ways to eat lunch on the go.

鯵の開き。|お腹がすいたら いい感じ

鯵の開き。|お腹がすいたら いい感じ

咀嚼の大切さって知ってる? 理由が分かればゆっくり食事できるかも | 女子力アップCafe Googirl

咀嚼の大切さって知ってる? 理由が分かればゆっくり食事できるかも | 女子力アップCafe Googirl