Artistic Aquariums From Haruka Misawa

Artistic Aquariums From Haruka Misawa

For Japanese designer Haruka Misawa, aquariums are more than just a container filled with water. This is an opportunity to create works of art, imagine poe

Sophia Collier, River Under Me, 2012 (Carved Acrylic)

Sophia Collier, River Under Me, 2012 (Carved Acrylic). Very modern glass sculpture, with water reflection.


Frost and ice - natural textures and patterns . image by Eisblumen


'A Queen of the Night', contemporary ‘Kanzashi’, Japanese Floral Hair Ornament, handcrafted from resin by Sakae

Hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi by Sakae, Japan

Канзаши Сакае, Япония / Hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi by Sakae, Japan

Sophia Collier Can you make a sculpture of the ripple and the light of the sea ? Sophia says yes you can


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これはすごい。水のキラキラを「永遠に」とどめた彫刻 | DDN JAPAN


saion 「姫月下美人~花精~」かんざし 新作_画像1

saion 「姫月下美人~花精~」かんざし 新作_画像1

Auction page ▶ Flickr ▶ Photo by Ryoukan Abe ( 2015 月下美人 簪【 千夜一夜 】 A Queen of the Nigh - Kanzashi - by Sakae, Japan

The material is Wire & Liquid synthetic resin. It is a craft called "Dip flower". 2015 A Queen of the Night Kanzashi

Mary Lee Hu, lacquered and silver wire

Fine Jewelry Mary Lee Hu, Choker fine and sterling silver, lacquered copper, x x circa 1 inches, Collection of

朝露の水分を吸うと、花びらが透明になる美しい花、「山荷葉(サンカヨウ)」を知っていますか?花言葉は「親愛の情」。 メギ科サンカヨウ属の多年草で、直径2cmほどの白い花を数個つけるそうです。 | 1ページ目

Diphylleia Grayi is a wonderfully unique flower whose petals turn clear as glass when it’s splattered with raindrops. Commonly referred to as the skeleton flower