Designer: Mohamed Shihab


Clever Logo for a mobile app developing company who works on finger print analyzing concepts - designed by Mohamed Shihab, India


I love the creative yet subtle use of cutlery in the design and making it look like a forest or a park.

Tree beauty logo.

Very beautiful logo. It truly represents the Tree Beauty well with bright yet subtle colors blended together on translucent leaves in the form of a tree.

logo inspiration #logo design #silhouette

Logo Inspirations - Imaginary Friend This is a great example of a logo that conveys a lot without the use of many images.

logo inspiration- what if it was little explosions?

A logo I designed for fun. Randomly thought of the name Smart Colours Logo Design

Asbstract Psychology Symbol for The Society of Australian Social Psychologists required a fresh, new logo for their Australasian Summer School program in 2011. The client required a logo that encapsulated the idea of growth and professionalism. A blade of grass, manipulated to resemble the symbol for psychology, Psi, was used to elegantly meet the brief.

Graded colour become more intense toward the top of the symbol. In jade green. Like the blue back background