Today we celebrate the big, bold and beautiful billboard with 55 examples of the most creative designs to hit the streets.


A humorous ad for an all you can eat rest stop in this highway tunnel billboard sign picture. A funny advertisement and marketing scheme to check out. ————————— This funny email forwarded by Harish…


No matter your feelings on war, peace, tanks or pink, you have to admit this is awesome. That little pink pom-pom off the gun is just killing me.

Yarn Bombing

i think yarnbombing is a brilliant art form. this is where i post my work and share the work of others.


Coops Paints/Nationwide Advertisement Great ad on side of building in Columbus. OH. Note the cars covered in the paint and the Nationwide ad on the right with their line, "life comes at you fast".

Documentales sobre diseño imprescindibles

Documentales sobre diseño imprescindibles

Stand Tall, Giraffes, Creative Advertising, Documentaries, Perspective, Concept, Form Of, Envelopes, Aim High


This is a new way to display a advertisement. It is a very creative way to display a McDonald's ad. The ad is in the shape of French fries that serves as a crosswalk. It is a multi function ad.


When some starry-eyed startup shocks the world with an underground marketing campaign that costs nothing but causes shockwaves, it’s called guerrilla marketing.


A collection of 50 AMAZING Guerrilla Marketing Ideas and Examples! Funny, Interesting Ideas for Guerrilla Marketing, Stealth Advertising, Underground Marketing,