Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子

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Japanese sweets.

wagashi- Japanese sweets (so pretty and adorable, I don't know if I could eat them. Kind of like those Japanese erasers that are too cute to use.

wagashi (Iris)

wagashi (Iris) Japanese culture puts so much emphasis on exquisite details in search of perfection.

The wagashi keeps getting better

Love this Fuji-yama wagashi! -------------------- Japanese confectionery - Wagashi is typically made from rice, rice flour and sweetened bean paste. There are many types of Wagashi.

Recipe: Japanese-Style Chestnuts Truffles (Vegan Friendly Sweets) | Wagashi 和菓子

Japanese Chestnut sweets / Kuri Wagashi (wagashi maniac) -- made using chocolate, red bean paste (koshi an) and creme de marrons. My tweak: chestnut filling instead of red bean paste.

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets for Otsukimi. Otsukimi, literally moon-viewing, refers to Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon. The celebration of the full moon typically takes place on the day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese lunisolar calendar.


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