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Mar 30 2011 | ジワジワ来る二人乗り。

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ココホレワンワン!柴犬 ココ は今日も元気 ほり師ココ

ココホレワンワン!柴犬 ココ は今日も元気 ほり師ココ

@risato8's photo: "こちらも捨てがたい。 #柴犬 #渋犬"

Now, you betta get the hell outta my face with that camera! Making me wear a bowtie.


大城 潤 on

Dog's dream to ride on subway foiled by party-pooper station staff


This adorable Shiba Inu works customer service at a Japanese cigarette shop called Suzuki. Suzuki's owner knows that having a cute dog at the front desk will entice even the strongest of non-smokers to come try a cigarette. The dog opens the window a…